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Ukraine became the 12th in the world in popularity among tourists

Ukraine became the 12th in the world in popularity among tourists

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has published a nice for us tourist attraction rating, which includes 200 countries. Ukraine is in the leaders.

After Euro 2012 the tourists are interesting for Ukraine. According to the WOT information 23 million tourists arrived to Ukraine last year. In this year as early as 21, although no European football championship at all. This is the 12th rate among all the countries participating in the ranking.

The excitement is easy to confirm by Kyiv people: foreign languages sounds on Khreschatyk everytime. But progress is not going to stop Ukraine: in 2022 the number of tourists is expected to double – to 50 million people a year. This is a solid benefit for the Ukrainian economy.

“After Euro 2012 Ukraine has ceased to be a blank spot on the map of Europe. A lot of people are talking about us. Around the world many people have learned that in the middle of Europe is a big, beautiful, and most importantly, safe country with interesting cultural and historical attractions, “- the speaker of the Association of Travel Industry Leaders Yulia Oleinik says.

“The next-door neighbors go to Ukraine mostly: Russians, Belarusians and Poles. However, every year more and more tourists coming from abroad. The leaders are the Swedes, Germans, Americans, “- CEO of “Olymp Travel”, which specializes in incoming tourism, Ladislav Fornvald says.

By the way, in the National Geographic magazine Crimea took first place in the world of “Top 20 must see places” in 2013. According to Lonely Planet Lviv is second in the ranking of the best cities in Europe for the weekend.

TOP-12 UNWTO rating:
1. France
2. China
3. Spain
4. Italy
5. Turkey
6. USA
7. United Kingdom
8. Germany
9. Austria
10. Russia
11. Malaysia
12. Ukraine

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