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Top 5 Unusual Museums of Ukraine

Do you often visit museums? From our school years it was felt that the visit to the museum – it’s boring and tedious. If you think so, we will prove you the opposite today. Hotels24 offers a selection of the most unusual museums in Ukraine. Just do not get bored there!

1. Museum of Cosmonautics (Zhytomyr)


Rovers, spacesuits, spacecraft, tubes with food for astronauts and a bunch of other accessories “space explorers” – all of this can be seen at the Museum of Cosmonautics in Zhytomyr. One of the most valuable exhibits is a capsule with the soil of the Moon, presented by NASA. In addition, it is possible to sit in a particular rocking chair, which is a bit recreates the atmosphere of weightlessness. As a rule, with headphones listening to quiet and peaceful “space music.”

What is the cost. Excursion without a guide: adults – UAH 10, children – UAH 5. Excursion with a guide (Ukrainian, Russian): adults – UAH 40, children – UAH 20.

How to get there. By bus No.1 to the “Ivana Franko University” stop. Than by feet to 22, Ivana Franka street.

2. Museum of Dreams (Kyiv)


If you like the interpretation of dreams, you will certainly enjoy the Kyiv Museum of dreams. The psychoanalysis cabinet, linguists club, showroom and shop are working at the museum. You can leave your dream as a picture or text in a special “chest of dreams”, visit exhibitions, take part in workshops on psychoanalysis here.

What is the cost. The cost depends on the exact event (from UAH 50).

How to get there. Go to the “Druzhby Narodiv” metro (Green line) and then to 55 Chyhorina street by feet.

3. Museum-restaurant “Salo” (Lviv)


This is the first museum that is completely dedicated to a favorite snack of Ukrainians – salo (a pig fat). The museum-restaurant features more than 30 works of modern Ukrainian and foreign authors, perpetuating the pig fat in the form of sculptures, paintings, photographs. You can not only see, but also to taste the exhibits of the museum.

What is the cost. UAH 40 per excursion with audio guide and tasting.

How to get there. By tram No. 10 from the Railways station to “Petra Doroshenka”  stop. Then to 6/8 Svobody Avenue by feet.

4. Sex museum (Kharkiv)


If you have reached the age of 18, Kharkiv Sex museum invites you to get acquainted with sexual cultures of 12 countries. The exhibition features paintings of ancient Egyptian art, ancient Chinese paintings, antique statues, reproductions of paintings by Picasso, Manet and other painters, contemporary drawings and photographs. A part of the exhibition is devoted to the sexual education of children and adolescents. Particular attention is paid to the prevention of diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact, especially AIDS.

What is the cost. UAH 35 with a Russian speaking guide, UAH 25 without a guide.

How to get there. By municipal transport to 5 Maykovskogo Street (entrance to the arch).

5. Garbage museum (Vinnytsia)

A collection of interesting items that residents of Vinnytsia discarded as garbage is collected within 11 years. The most valuable exhibits – the razor, which has over 300 years old.

What is the cost. Free.

How to get there. The address of museum is 19 Vatutina Street. You can get there by trolley bus No. 7, buses (marshrutkas) 20A, 3B (“Avtovokzal” stop).

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