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Our Ukrainian Restaurants Reviews

Our Ukrainian Restaurants Reviews

Often traveling across Ukraine, we visit restaurants and cafe in different towns. We offer to your attention restaurants which we recommend.


Restaurant Amulet

Amulet RestaurantAddress: 109-В Frunze str., Kyiv
Cuisine: Oriental, Fusion
Prices: USD 30-50 per 1 person

Description: Among the waves of seething life, hammered motorways, not by chance there was «Amulet», bearing in itself magic days and nights of east fairy-tale, where all desires are sold off, and trouble and dejection leave away. Bar-launzh «Amulet» is a harmonious union of wise the East and Decisive Europe, meetings wherein an untransient bliss and beatitude lives. Hospitable owners are large masters to arrange holidays and celebrations.

Restaurant Pervak

Pervak RestaurantAddress: 2 Rohnidynska str., Kyiv
Cuisine: Ukrainian, European
Prices: USD 30-40 per 1 person

Description: Original interior saturated by details. The cosy atmosphere of old Kiev began ХХ centuries. It`s comfortably to invite here foreign guests that needs the Kievan specific Highly recommended like on of our favourite restaurants.


Restaurant Masoch Cafe

MazochAddress: 7 Serbska Str., Lviv
Cuisine: fusion
Prices: USD 20-40 per 1 person

Description: Even if you do not go here specially in order that you were given a lashing a lash, fettered or handcuffs or dressed in impenetrable lateks, however will remain satisfied and full the impressions ot the visit of offspring of Lviv`s creative people Masoch Cafe. Trust the experienced gourmet, playful waitresses-mrs., menu of perversions and especially his pearl – a few types of fondyu will not leave indifferent nobody!

Restaurant Zolotyi Vepr (Golden Wild Boar)

veprAddress: 17 Rynok Sq., Lviv
Cuisine: Ukrainian
Prices: USD 10-20 per 1 person

Description: As they say, cheap and cheerful. The surroundings of the dungeon of a medieval castle in the heart of Market Square, a pleasant dinner with wine for two for $ 20 and attentive servers allow me to put this place on top of those where I was in Lviv.

Restaurant U Pani Stefy

panistefaAddress: 8 Svobody Ave., Lviv
Cuisine: Ukrainian
Prices: USD 8-15 per 1 person

Description: Ukrainian cuisine like in the fast food, but better service unsmiling, but agile waiters and three-course dinner for $ 10 for two (!). The three components of success of the Ukrainian restaurant in heart of


Restaurant Witowt`s Crown

kv01Address: 1 Plytnytsi Str., Zamkova Sq., Lutsk
Cuisine: Ukrainian, Volynian
Prices: USD 20-30 per 1 person

Description: The modern Lutsk attempts to revive its long historical tradition. One of these is the creation of successful attempts restaurant “Witowt`s Crown”. The courteous staff, reasonable prices, although the “Crown” and is considered the most expensive restaurant in Lutsk.


Restaurant Vertep

vertepAddress: 17 Korzo Str., Uzhgorod
Cuisine: Transcarpathian
Prices: USD 10-20 per 1 person

Description: This beautiful restaurant, decorated in the style of Transcarpathian village is situated in the heart of Uzhgorod, in a pedestrian street Korzo. Democratic prices, excellent cuisine (banosh – excellent!) and courtesy of the waiters makes this restaurant one of the best in the capital of Transcarpathia.

Restaurant Dolphin

dolphinAddress: 3 Kyivska Quay, Uzhgorod
Cusine: Ukrainian, European
Prices: USD 20-30 per 1 person

Description: This restaurant attracted us in the first place, by its location. With an open veranda on the second floor offers magnificent views to the Uzh river and the waterfront. Transcarpathian barbecue with wine are highly recommended.

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