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Collection of Jewish Tours to Ukraine

Finally, we finished elaboration of the Jewish tours to Ukraine. Our packages let you to learn more about Jewish heritage and modern life in Ukraine. We offer the following packages:

1. Jewish Kyiv


The long history of Kyiv is inseparable from the history of the Jewish community, which dates back to the emergence of pre-Christian Russia. The Jewish community of Kyiv can be traced in all areas of the city. There were many synagogues, Jewish schools and institutions of higher education in Kyiv. Fruitfully prominent Jewish industrialists and businessmen, engineers, scientists, doctors and lawyers, writers, artists worked here. Future political leaders of Israel Golda Meir and Ephraim Katzir were born in Kyiv. Sholom Aleichem lived and worked, Isaac Babel studied, Ilya Ehrenburg was born, Osip Mandelstam lived in Kyiv. Thanks to Jewish patrons the Bessarabsky market, the housing of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, building which is the Main regional hospital appeared on the map. Join us for the unforgettable Jewish Heritage tour in Kyiv.

2. Jewish Lviv


Jews lived in Lviv from the time of its establishment in the mid-thirteenth century; some, mostly merchants, were Sephardic residents who later mingled with Ashkenazic immigrants. In the mid-fourteenth century, after its conquest by King Casimir III, the town permitted Jews to establish a quarter of their own within the walls of a new section built by the king. Two communities thus coexisted: the original and the center within the new walls—known as the Vorstadt (suburban) community.

The number of Jewish people in Lviv and big towns of Galicia just before the World War II contributed to 20-40% of their populations. Jewish has left an enormous trace in the culture and architecture of Western and Central Ukraine as, probably, nowhere in Eastern and Central Europe. Synagogues, which survived wars in Galician towns, like Drogobych, Brody, Stryj, Zhovkva and others are pearls of any excursion program over there. The medieval Renaissance Synagogue in King town Zhovkva was the biggest in Europe in 17 century! A famous Jewish national melody is often played on Ukrainian wedding parties (ask us which one!). Many Yiddish words were accepted by Ukrainian Language, and its Galician dialect. When it comes to Jewish Heritage tour we can offer you a very interesting trip in Lviv and around Lviv region. Just book and go!

3. Jewish Odessa


In 1940-s Odessa was the third city in the world in the number of the Jewish population (after New York and Warsaw). Only 3% of Odessa’s one million population are Jewish. Approximately 30 thousand Jews live in Odessa today. Despite this remaining small fraction of Odessa’s once thriving Jewish population this city continues to be considered a Jewish city. In 1916, the famous writer Isaac Babel described Odessa as “the city made by Jews”. In an attempt to understand Babel’s words of wisdom, one should not treat his writings as mere slogans but rather try to interpret their meaning.

It is hard to imagine today how many restrictions and regulations were imposed upon the life of every Jew in the Russian Empire. But, the young Odessa was heaven on earth for its Jewish settlers. On the territory of Odessa Jews received almost equal rights to other citizens of the city. Is it, then, surprising that one hundred years after the birth of Odessa one third of its population was Jewish? In Babel’s words, this city became “The Star of Exile.” Join our tour to fill the unforgettable Jewish spirit of South Palmira.

4. Jewish Uman’: Tzaddik Nachman’s Tomb


Uman is the burial place of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, the Rabbi of the Breslov group of Hasiddic Jews. Rabbi Nachman spent the end of his life in Uman, and specifically requested to be buried there. During Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) there is a major pilgrimage by Breslov Hasiddism and others to visit the grave in Uman. This practice dates back to 1811, the year after Rabbi Nachman was buried in Uman. During the Soviet regime the pilgrimage was forbidden by the authorities, but was resumed in 1989 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Join us for the unique trip to Holy Tomb of Rabbi Nachman and beautiful Sofiyvka Park in Uman. It is possible to order a Kosher food en route.

5. Grand Tour Jewish Crimea


This tour will let you to immerse into the world of unknown and mysterious Crimean peninsula. Get ready to challenge your stereotypes, as during some days you will climb up the mountains and go into underground tunnels deep under the sea, step into the palace of Crimean Khans and Panoramas of greatest Crimean battles, will learn about war feats of Jewish soldiers and agricultural achievements of Jewish farmers, will see Hebrew letters where you would least expect that, and learn about a phenomenal affair that saved Karaites from extermination during Holocaust. Get both pleasure and new knowledge about Jews in Crimea from our tour.

6. Grand Tour “Ukraine: Jewish Golden Triangle”


Jewish communities have existed in the territory of Ukraine from the time of Kievan Rus’ (one of Kyiv city gates were called Judaic) and developed many of the most distinctive modern Jewish theological and cultural traditions such Hasidism. While at times they flourished, at other times they faced periods of persecution and antisemitic discriminatory policies. Before World War II, a little under one-third of Ukraine’s urban population consisted of Jews who were the largest national minority in Ukraine. The specially designed packages offer you the chance to explore some of the most important sights of Jewish Ukraine. You will be able to visit small Shtettle towns, Tzaddik Nachman’s and Baal Shem Tov’s tombs, Holocaust memorials of Babi Yar and Lviv Ghetto, beautiful synagogues in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa and Karaites kenassas in Crimea, celebrate Jewish Holidays and take a part of the Ukrainian Jewish community activities.

You can get more detailed information about itineraries, conditions and prices and make a reservation on the Toursnlodging by SunCity Travel service. Brakhim habaim!

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