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MICE: Premier Palace Hotel in Kyiv


One of the best Kyiv hotels, five star Premier Palace is an ideal place for organization of meeting, conference or event for you and your guests. Experienced staff of the Hotel can organize international conference, negotiations, wedding, Birthday, etc. For a successful business event, an ideal conference hall goes a long way to presenting your plans and projects in the best possible light!

When organizing a conference in Kyiv, choose the best place, a place that will make an indelible impression on your guests and will underscore the importance of your event. The good news is we can help you find that great conference hall that meets all of your criteria.

Premier Palace Hotel offers the best solutions for your high-class conference needs. Our facilities can satisfy even the most sophisticated requirements, whether it is space, flexibility, lighting, sound systems, presentation equipment, or even refreshment and catering services.

The entire second floor of the Premier Palace Hotel contains a number of halls for holding a wide variety of conferences, seminars, workshops, presentations, consultations, product launches, and business meetings. Cutting-edge equipment makes our conference halls up-to-date and easy-to-use when you want to launch or promote your products, ideas or strategies.

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The Sofiyivskiy Grand Hall

The Sofiyivskiy Grand Hall – this multi-functional space can serve for functions ranging from a conference to a film presentation. It can also be easily divided into two or even four separate areas that can be used as separate rooms for your event.

  • Technical support for full-scale conferences:
    • sound system with wireless microphones;
    • simultaneous interpretation system and special room for interpreters to work in;
    • built-in and mobile projectors and screens;
    • equipment for conference calls;
    • please contact if other equipment will be required.
  • Options to increase the size of the stage in the hall using podiums or using them as platforms for addressing delegates or for rock groups or jazz bands at a grand banquet;
  • High-speed Wi-Fi internet access;
  • Private buffets or banquets served professionally by the Premier Palace Hotel Catering service.

Room Parameters:

  • Sofiyivskiy Grand Hall (АBCD): 305 sq.m, capacity – 90-300
  • Sofia AB: 127 sq.m, capacity – 30-120
  • Sofia CD: 122 sq.m, capacity – 30-120
  • Sofia ABE: 196 sq.m, capacity – 50-170
  • Sofia CDE: 190 sq.m, capacity – 50-170
  • Sofia A / Sofia B: 62 sq.m, capacity – 20-50
  • Sofia C / Sofia D: 60 sq.m, capacity – 20-50

Volodymyrsky and Mykhailivsky Halls

Next to the Sofiyivskiy Grand Hall are two smaller halls with windows overlooking Bldv. Shevchenka. These rooms can also be used for a variety of purposes: workshops, seminars, consultations and business meetings. Both rooms have independent AC systems and built-in screens.

Rooms Parameters:

  • Volodymyrsky: 36 sq.m, capacity – 6-30
  • Mykhailivsky: 32 sq.m, capacity – 8-30


Your grand event will be even more special if you decide to hold it at the Premier Palace Hotel. The Sofiyivskiy Grand Hall is the best place for holding celebratory evening events, corporate parties or charity balls, but it is also excellent for simply celebrating a private birthday or anniversary. Our specialists will help you design your event from the tiniest detail and make your event exciting and outstanding.

We have everything necessary to organize and hold events:

  • full-range concert-hall quality sound and lighting by Martin Professional;
  • exquisite Ukrainian and European cuisine;
  • top-notch service.


Once you have chosen your ideal life’s partner, the most exquisite ring and wedding gown, it is time to decide on the perfect wedding feast. The Premier Palace Hotel is ready to make your celebration one that you will remember for the rest of your life, from the minute your wedding cavalcade arrives to the departure of your last guest.

  • Professional staffers ensure an individual approach to organizing your wedding. Our employees will enjoy helping you decide every element and will take all your desires into account in putting together the most important celebration in your marriage.
  • A romantic marriage ceremony. You will go through this happiest moment in the intimate circle of your family and friends and following your most deeply-held family traditions. A tender and soulful ceremony will complete the happiness of this occasion. The excited anticipation of the bride, the fire of candles and the velvet of rose petals, the wedding waltz, and the shining eyes of your beloved.
  • Exquisite floral arrangements. The entire floral world is at your disposal. Our florists will create an atmosphere of particular charm at your celebration and decorate the hall with your favorite flowers.
  • The best banquet service. The final touch to your celebration will be a bubbly champagne and a delightful dinner. We propose a range of culinary masterpieces from our excellent chef, a master of creative, original cuisine. When you have decided on your dining preferences, we are ready to organize a menu created just for you. And to complete this romantic evening—the wedding cake of your dreams.
  • The Wedding Package. The perfect ending to a perfect wedding feast at the Premier Palace Hotel—spending your first night together in one of the Hotel’s luxury suites. We make every effort in our Wedding Package to emphasize the enchanted quality of the first days of your honeymoon. A specially-decorated room awaits the bridal pair, complete with our impeccable First Class service.

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The Botanical Gardens wafting the sweet, tender scent of millions of flowers. The Opera House ringing with the echoes of great talent. The Museum imbued with the powerful spirit of eternal history. An old estate aswirl with the pomp of a grand ball. Chose the place and scale of your event – Premier Palace Catering will bring your most memorable dreams to life.

Why has catering become so popular in Ukraine?

Catering – an activity involving organizing off-site restaurant-style service to almost any location required by the client. Today, catering has gone well beyond its original meaning and become an “event” business. What’s more, an off-site banquet no longer need differ in quality from the classical in-house banquet.

Premier Palace Catering brings together experience, professionalism, imagination, creativity, and great ideas for elegant affairs. We guarantee the perfect presentation of your ideal celebration. Let your feast remain a bright and pleasant memory forever. The elaboration of your off-site banquet depends on your fantasy alone.

Top-quality cuisine from a 5-star Hotel, unforgettable taste sensations – all this is what you can expect from Premier Palace Catering and the Hotel’s Master Chef.

The elegance of the tables is complemented by floral designs of the most unusual compositions of fragrant fresh flowers, giving a truly imperial sumptuousness to the brilliant white tablecloths.

In putting together your musical program, you can also depend on us. Light romances, energizing jazz, easy-listening classics, hot hits from recent years – this is what will give your off-site banquet is special atmosphere. All songs and musicians will be selected with your personal tastes and wishes in mind.

Good service is invisible service. Our experience in catering events and feasts at the international level, our knowledge of proper etiquette and the proper order for our caterers to serve, matched china of the highest quality, specialized additional table implements, the festive uniforms of our service staff – all this will create the backdrop that frames your event. Every little detail counts!

Premier Palace Catering is ready to bring a festive event to any place your heart desires.

Savor your celebration and let us take care of everything else!

Varied menu:

  • CONCEPTS – company anniversaries, weddings, thematic evenings, beer fests
  • Du CHEF – original cuisine devised especially for your event
  • CLASSIC – international cuisine to match the concept of your celebration
  • COOKING SHOW – mini-presentations

When should you call on us?

  • corporate events: company anniversaries, presentations, cocktail receptions, coffee-breaks, gala dinners, staff parties (off-site restaurant), picnics, barbecues, Open Air Parties, special events, balls
  • private events – weddings, birthdays, picnics, barbecues, gala evenings, important receptions, cocktail receptions, moving celebrations, buffets, balls
  • conferences – press conferences, business meetings at the national and international level, intensive tours, workshops and seminars, Team-Building, company retreats, forums, conventions
  • professional celebrations, and so on

Our catering services include:

  • selecting the location for your event (performance halls, museums, boats, country estates, islands, resorts, recreational zones, and so on);
  • renting restaurant equipment;
  • renting outdoor tents;
  • interior decor and floral arrangements;
  • entertainment and music programs.

Our approach

What makes Premier Palace Catering special is the way we use professional catering technologies to properly prepare your food so that the entire range of flavors and nutritional values are preserved for you and your guests. We work only with certified natural products, qualified cooks and an extensive production facility, and modern equipment for transporting products to any corner of Ukraine.

Cutting-edge technology makes it possible to keep your food fresh much longer and to minimize the influence of the outside environment. Using modern equipment such as vacuum machines, a fast-freeze drawer, and heated compartments guarantee the highest quality of food during a significant period of time.
This 5-star Hotel leaves no detail to chance!

We regularly hold get-togethers with our clients, demonstrations of what’s new at the company and degustations of our Chef’s dishes. We offer a flexible system of commissions.

Our experience and our name speak for themselves!

More detailed information about the Premier Palace Hotel facilities and rates you can see HERE