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Medical Rehabilitation Centre Pivdenniy Bug – Khmilnyk, Ukraine


Address: 25 Shevchenka Str., Khmilnyk

Medical Rehabilitation Centre “Pivdenniy Bug”- departmental sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, one of the best spa resorts in Khmilnyk.

We are always happy to provide medical services to improve the health for all citizens of Ukraine, as well as for visitors from near and far abroad.

Khmilnik resort located 65 km northwest of the city of Vinnytsia among the wonderful nature skirts, where the beautiful forests and rivers pose health natural conditions.

Our resort is located on the Southern Bug River, among the green trees in many places of recreation pavilions with landscape design. Patients like the high culture of service, comfortable accommodation, quiet corridors, comfortable resting place, no lines for therapeutic and diagnostic examinations; they define it as a “home resort”.

Keeping more than forty years tradition of friendly, thoughtful attitude to guests from every staff member, the Medical Rehabilitation Centre “Pivdenniy Bug”, led by Honorary Doctor of Ukraine, Head of MRC, police Colonel Mudryy Alexander Ivanovich continues his strategy of re-presenting medical and diagnostic facilities and expanding the arsenal of medical services, improving living conditions, resting and nutrition.

The leading specialists of the medical center developed and successfully used the recovery treatment program “Healthy Spine”, “Anti stress”, ” Joint pain”, “Diabetes”, “Men’s health” “Women’s Health.

The main medical factor of radon resort is mineral water. Khmilnyk has become an undisputed leader among radon spas. Long experience of studying the properties of radon waters allows us to assert the need for radon-balneotherapy with any chronic inflammatory processes in the body and its miraculous effect on the cardiovascular system – improving the functioning of veins, arteries, capillaries.

The basis of methods of treatment is a combination of application balneotherapy, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, exercise therapy, balanced nutrition, psychotherapy, active leisure, ozone therapy, colon therapy, cryosauna, infrared sauna, solarium, speleotherapy, detoxification therapy.

At MRC “Pivdenniy Bug” you will always feel a professional and friendly attitude to yourself and your family that will provide you with health improvement and good rest.