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Hotel Quelle Polyana 3* – Polyana, Ukraine


Address: 112 B Dukhnovycha Str., Polyana

Superbly located in the tourist zone, the heart of Transcarpathian region, 340 meters above the sea level, the Carpathian health resort and health-improving centre “Quelle Polyana” is right between Polonian and Vygorlat-Gutinsky mountain ranges of the Carpathian in the Tikhoye hole. Quelle Polyana offers accommodation and health improving services in the Carpathians within 11 km from the railway station of Svalyava, in 75 km from Uzhgorod.

Tourists who accommodate at hotel Quelle Polyana can receive sanatorium treatment in the sanatorium Polyana which is located within 50 meters from the hotel, or in the sanatorium Solnechnaya Dolina you can reach Solnechnaya Dolina by the hotel’s car.