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Golden Beach Hotel 3* – Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Tel Aviv-Yafo

Address: Herbert Samuel Promenade 56, Tel Aviv, Israel

Step out of your hotel room and feel the sea sand under your feet. The Golden Beach Hotel is located on Tel Aviv Promenade and provides you with the exclusive experience of enjoying the beach right beneath your bedroom window. Smell the salty tang of the sea and experience the vibrant Tel Aviv lifestyle at the Golden Beach Hotel.

The Golden Beach Hotel is designed to provide you with a truly relaxing vacation experience. It is located on Tel Aviv Promenade, in a prime location close to the heart of Tel Aviv. The building itself is a historical landmark with 48 different rooms and two penthouses. The lobby and dining hall are designed and decorated in a Moroccan style that welcomes you with the offbeat and relaxing atmosphere unique to our hotel, along with our hospitality and friendly attentive staff.

The Golden Beach Hotel offers you the highest class of service and attractive facilities at convenient, affordable rates. Bring your family and experience the warm atmosphere of an ‘olde world’ hotel that offers home-style accommodation in rooms with balconies that feature beautiful modern amenities.