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Gogol’s Sanatorium – Myrgorod, Ukraine


Address: 22 Myrgorodskyh Dyviziy Str., Myrgorod

The sanatorium is situated in picturesque, praised by Gogol, town of Myrgorod, Poltava region. The founder of the sanatorium is a local doctor Ivan Zubkovsky who in a distant 1915 started using Mirgorod mineral water for mineral baths, and in one year – for drinking treatment purposes.

A successful combination of medical qualities of the mineral water, suitable climatic condition, a unique, praised in poetry Khorol river, became main stimulating factors in solving the question of treatment of railway workers. That is why in 1981 beautiful buildings of the sanatorium grew up. Today the sanatorium, designed for 260 people, has a modern medical-diagnostic and medical-treatment complexes.

During a year, about 5000 patients improve their health in single or double rooms with all the modern conveniences, among them – more than 3000 workers and veterans of the Southern railway. Sanatorium occupies the territory of 56,83 acres and has everything for autonomous work. A dormitory building is connected with a medical building and dining-hall via an underground passage.