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Eden Hotel 3* – Zatoka, Ukraine


Address: Ozernaya str., resort Zatoka, Odesska Oblast

The hotel complex “Eden” is an ideal place for rest and recreation of families with children of any age, as well as holding of corporate holidays, trainings, seminars, conferences, gala evenings, weddings, anniversaries and any family holiday. We offer 122 comfortable rooms in three buildings of the hotel and 28 cozy cottages. “Eden” can receive up to 400 people at once. On the territory of the hotel complex there are comfortable living conditions for physically challenged people, including elevator.

The hotel is situated at the Central region of resort Zatoka, 60 km South from Odessa.

GPS coordinates:
46.060848N / 30.446978Е

Noah Ark restaurant: The cozy restaurant «Noah’s ark» offers its guests both international cuisine, combining the best culinary traditions of the peoples of the Black Sea region, and dietotherapy, developed by the chef-nutritionist. The menu of the restaurant is original, flexible and various. There is special delicious food for our little guests. As well you can celebrate corporate and family holidays, parties, banquets at the restaurant.

SPA Complex: We invite you to visit our SPA-salon, based on the principle of full recovery of spiritual and physical forces with the help of massage and pearl baths with the addition of exotic oils on your choice. Also the SPA Complex has indoor and outdoor swiming pools, sauna, solarium, gym, fitness room, beauty salon, halotherapy, aromatherapy

Beach: The hotel complex «Eden» offers to our guests towels, sunbeds, sunshades

Conference facilities: The conference hall can accommodate up to 100 people and is equipped with a screen, a projector, a flip-chart, acoustic system. The size of projected image – 2 х 3 m. There is a room for private negotiations also.

For children: Your child will always find something interesting for himself and meet cheerful company of coevals in nursery of hotel complex «Eden»! Little guests will plunge into fairy-tale world, where there is everything to afford them great pleasure: baby kitchen, children’s theatre, cartoons, easel, drawing board, paints, felt-tip pens, pencils, play-doh, bowling-alley. Kids are always engaged in something exciting by professional animators. Your child will not feel bored during the official events, weddings and celebrations. Our playground will leave only pleasant memories for you and your child!

Billiards: At your service there are two 10-foot tables and a 9-foot table for the pool.

The hotel complex “Eden” is created for rest and treatment: the unique climate has an effect on the whole organism, helping to recover, strengthening the immune system and improve circulation; and mineral water and mud treatments cure allergies, cardiovascular disease and many others.

Our hotel complex has ideal conditions for rest and recreation of families with children of any age. Enjoy the full range of therapeutic procedures:

  • mineral water;
  • therapeutic baths;
  • physiotherapy;
  • hydro-massage;
  • salt room;
  • paraffin therapy;
  • manual massage;
  • aromatherapy;
  • oxygen cocktail.

Our specialists have developed a variety of programs to recover and improve the health with a help of gym, equipped with the power and cardio training machines as well as two swimming pools (open and closed types with hydromassage) and sauna.

Evidence of treatment:

1. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

In our health center you can do the course of complex treatment and prevention of diseases of cardiovascular system, that has a positive influence on the system of blood circulation, resolve disturbed metabolism, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.
Such wide range of operation is provided by the complex treatment, including natural curative factors (mineral water, climatic factor) and additional factors: change of situation, day regimen, combining rest and physical training, health food, massage, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy.
The program for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular system diseases consists of:
EKGs are quick, safe and painless tests that our doctors use to assess your heart rhythm, diagnose poor blood flow to the heart muscle (ischemia), diagnose a heart attack, evaluate certain abnormalities of your heart, such as an enlarged heart.
Exercise therapy is an important part in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Physical activity has definite acute effects on a number of risk markers for CVD, in addition to more substantial benefits with chronic training. Both aerobic and resistance exercise have therapeutic value, largely independent of weight loss, and are included in excise programs in our programm.aromatherapy
Massage is a valuable component to preventing heart disease. Regular massage therapy sessions were found to induce relaxation to the autonomic nervous system – a system integrally tied to cardiovascular health. Besides increasing blood circulation, the massage therapy strokes of effleurage, kneading and tapotement stimulate skin receptors that send messages of relaxation to the central nervous system.
Aromatherapy is popular method to reduce stress and prevent cardiovascular disease. It can reduce stress, improve circulation and help with heart palpitations. Aromatherapy may also help heart attack patients overcome the emotional trauma of being in an intensive care unit.

2. Prevention of musculoskeletal system diseases

A large number of the musculoskeletal system diseases has become one of the characteristics of a modern society: heavy physical work, sedentary life, poor ecology, stress — all this leads to such result.
Our program is intended for the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases of the spine, muscles and bones of the pelvis and extremities. It includes following procedures:
Exercise therapy has a positive impact as a preventative measure and treatment of large joints such as hip, knee and arm joint as well as leg joints and foot arch. This is a method to treat ailments of the musculoskeletal system using anatomical and physiological findings. The treatment plan is individual and it is based on the preliminary kinesiological analysis, client’s medical history and his or her needs. The exercises are suitable for children from the age of 6, adults and more senior clients and include balance exercises, exercises with various props, mobilizing exercises or exercises targeting back problems.
Water gymnastics (held in the indoor pool). Water has an excellent analgesic effect. No load on the spine can safely and effectively strengthen muscles. It is a special type of physical activity, when all muscles work and blood circulation improving helps to prevent the stagnation of blood and lymph. If you can’t swim, to keep the body in the water will be a special belt that you will be given. All classes are conducted strictly under the supervision of an instructor who follows the correct performance of your exercises. Our experts have developed a swim training for men.
Balneotherapy has excellent results in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system; mineral water can be used for medical treatment and prevention of chronic inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system as well as old injuries – broken bones, luxations, bruises, rheumatism, sciatica, lombago, disc disease, spinal inflammation, etc. The aim of balneology treatment is, using natural medicinal resources and appropriate rehabilitations, to get the body into a state where it can fully exploit its self-regulatory and self-healing capabilities.
Massage prevents skeletal system diseases by fortifying bones and improves circulation and nutrients to muscles and joints. It also minimizes inflammation, therefore, restoring the range of motion of your muscular and skeletal structure.

3. Insular diabetes

Our highly skilled specialists have developed a special program that helps you to make sure that diabetes is not a sentence.
The basis of the integrated treatment of diabetes consists of:
– Drinking treatment with mineral water from the unique well, which is situated on the territory of the complex. This mineral water has the most positive effect on carbohydrate metabolism and its hormonal regulation.
– Balneotherapy: An important role in diabetes treatment plays the use of various spa services. We offer the most effective of them – Charcot’s douche, circular douche. When applying the above procedures, carbohydrate and other metabolisms are being increased, the level of sugar in the blood is being significantly reduced, the function of insular apparatus is being improved.
– Aromatherapy: For the recovery of peace of mind at diabetes, aromatherapy is the best way for improving mental and physical health with natural essential oils of eucalyptus, geranium, juniper, used in the burner. You can also take an aromatic bath with the addition of ginger, lemon, mandarin, sage.
– Diabet2Diabetes education center: In the diabetes education center you will be taught how to live with diabetes, and tell about the methods of self-monitoring, nutrition principles and rules of diabetic foot care.
– Restaurant: Food is the main therapeutic factor at diabetes. Proper nutrition is an important and complicated part of diabetes treatment, but the most effective. The chef of the restaurant «Noah’s ark» together with doctors-dietitians has designed the menu with a variety of delicious dishes, fully satisfying the requirements of proper nutrition at diabetes.

4. Prevention of chronic respiratory diseases

The climate aspects have large effects on the human respiratory system.The ancient physicians, such as Hippocrates, Galen and others advised a change of climate as a primary treatment of diseases of lungs, bronchus, and upper respiratory tract. Modern doctors counsel to resort pulmonological profile for the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases of broncho-pulmonary system, and to restore health after acute prolonged illness.
Spa treatment is the most effective treatment for diseases of the respiratory system. Our health center respiratory therapy is a complex of different techniques: balneotherapy, climatic (heliotherapy, aerotherapy) halotherapy, mud therapy, breathing exercises, massage.
– Climatotherapy is effective in all diseases of the respiratory system.Our complex is located on a favorable climatic zone. Sea air contains a large amount of negative ions that are beneficial to the respiratory system and human health, it is full of sea water salts, and many other minerals. All these conditions have a therapeutic effect on the respiratory system (improve ventilation, bronchial patency, stimulate blood and metabolism, saturate the body with iodine) and the nervous system.
– Halotherapy helps to relieve almost all diseases of the upper respiratory tract due to penetration of fine dry aerosol in the airways, which improves ventilation rates of respiration, nervous regulation of breathing, helps to reduce medication.
– Balneotherapy (therapeutic baths) improves peripheral circulation, reduces hypoxia, increases metabolism and immune reactivity, adaptability of the organism as a whole, as well as improves the functional condition of the central nervous system, reduces the risk of bronchospasm. Oxygen, pearl and herbal baths are widely used types of balneum.
– Mud treatment for diseases of the respiratory system is applied in the form of applications of natural dirt on the chest. Sulphide mud lecithin restores the protective system of the lungs.
– Aromatherapy. One of the most effective ways to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract is aromatherapy, which is the inhalation of drugs and essential oils.Essential oils eliminate congestion and inflammation, providing a direct effect on the respiratory system.This is an excellent remedy for the treatment and prevention of colds, flu and acute respiratory infections, for the treatment of bronchial tubes and lungs. Aromatherapy works on psycho-emotional sphere. Essential oils have a direct effect on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. They absorb into the blood, and act more efficiently and faster.

There are 122 rooms, cottages and suites at the hotel: 10 Economy rooms, 22 Economy At the Attic rooms, 12 1-roomed Cottages, 35 Standard rooms, 11 Superior rooms, 6 2-roomed Cottages and 14 V.I.P. rooms. All the rooms are equipped with phone, refrigerator, safe, air conditioner, satellite TV, WC, bathroom, free chaise-lonuges and towels on the beach.

Rates are per room in EUR / HB

  • Economy/Cottage (1 room) – from € 17
  • Standard – from € 22
  • Superior/Cottage (2 rooms)/V.I.P. – from € 28
  • Extra bed – € 10

    Accommodation on BB base is possible (rates on request)

    Inclusions: accommodation, half board (breakfast+dinner), visiting swimming pools, chaise-lonuges and towels on the beach, gym, library, Wi-Fi in restaurant and pool, playground
    Attention! There are three rate periods at the hotel. For summer period rates will be increased